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4. When and how does problem solving start and end in your organisation?

The answers to these questions might tell you why seventy percent of all performance improvement projects fail to achieve the desired results!

Do you wait until something is broken or not working / performing or are you on the lookout for opportunities to improve performance? Do you apply problem solving as part of a continuous improvement process? Do you apply it to your strategic issues? Do you start with clarifying the problem statement and then collect data to understand the issue or do you go straight into finding solutions?

Does problem solving end when you have found a solution, or do you apply structured and creative techniques to implementation planning? Do you look for more than one solution, many solutions, or work with the first one you find?

Do you consider implementation factors only after you have found your solution? Do you worry about risk factors in your proposed solution ? How do you go about getting management support for your programme, or getting the people on-side? Does implementation end with a celebration of success, or a search for the guilty?

The 3R Model, Problem Solving Training and Team Planning – a comprehensive approach to problem solving, innovation and performance improvement. Innovation – The development and IMPLEMENTATION of ideas!

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