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2. Performance Improvement – Is your problem solving process a barrier to success?

Seventy percent of business performance programmes fail to achieve the desired results. Could one of the barriers to success be an overly complex process?  Performance improvement teams find themselves using the eight step process or the diamond approach, or one of the many others available.

For me the performance improvement process (the same as the problem solving process, i.e. how to get from where we are now to where we want to be?) is a simple three step programme:

  1. Understand the issue, (where you are now, what the constraint are, what the goals are, etc.)
  2. Find many possible solutions and select the most promising.
  3. Plan and Implement the solution to deliver the results.

I call this approach the 3R Model © – Recognition (understanding the issue), Resolution (finding a solution), Results (planning and implementing to deliver the desired results). The key is to know where you are in the process, what you should be doing – and doing it thoroughly by applying the appropriate tools and techniques.

Creative Problem Solving Training can teach an easy to use process and the appropriate tools and techniques for each stage to deliver superior results.

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